Auditorium furniture

When choosing auditorium furniture, you would most likely call the help of a professional to sketch you the opportunities your budget allows. VANERUM is the expert for the arrangement of your auditorium or learning environment.

Folding tablet
Wherever fire regulations specify that free passage must be guaranteed, the Folding tablet is an excellent solution.

Central leg 
The system with central, rectangular single-leg frame offers a budget-friendly solution for your needs. The system meets the same quality requirements as the other systems and is a simple, proven solution. The ergonomic seat, for example, does not swivel on an integrated counterweight, but on a hinge-and-spring.

Rectangular tube 
Rectangular tube seating is a versatile classic that can be used anywhere. The frame is solid and allows steps to be easily bridged.

Round tube 
Soft form and elegance characterize this model. The welded frame consists of round tubes that offer different fixing options.

✔ Seat height: 46 cm 

✔ Height table top: 76 cm

✔ Seat & back
Beech multiplex: consisting of several layers, A/A quality with a seat concavity of a shape adapted to that of the body

✔ Worktop
Chipboard directly clad with a top layer of fine particles and applied by the double layer technique.

✔ Front panel
Beech multiplex: consisting of several layers, AA quality, 10 mm thick.