Daisy Table

Are you looking for a pupil table that offers a huge range of set-ups? Then the Daisy table is the one for your classroom. The ease of use and flexibility of this product is only enhanced by the optional castors and/or height-adjustable legs that can be added.

✔ Organic form
Thanks to the organic shape of this table, different configurations are possible. The table lends itself to group work and larger setups as well as to individual tasks.

✔ User-friendly
Children can sit at the table from three different sides. The optional braked castors are always on the short side.

✔ Different options
A drawer, braked castors and/or height-adjustable legs can be chosen as an option.

✔ Different colour combinations
There are not only numerous set-up options, you can also choose between different colour combinations:

  • Underframe
    Grey (matt), bordeaux, black grey, white grey, coral blue, aluminium, brown grey, steel grey, silver, blue, red, yellow, green, olive, frutella, clover, light blue, coral
  • Table top
    Light beech, cherry, relief oak, white-grey, white, silver-grey, graphite, french blue, scarlet red, brilliant yellow, lime

✔ Height
52cm, 58cm, 64cm, 70cm, 72cm, 76cm, 80cm

✔ Height adjustability
72cm - 88cm

✔ Bovenblad

  • Durapan (19mm)
  • Plywood (19mm)
  • Solid core (12mm)

✔ Underframe
The underframe is a rigid welded construction, according to the MIG process. Finished with baked-in powder coating based on epoxy-polyester layers, according to colour card.

✔ Drawers in synthetic
✔ Braked wheels (polyurethane)
✔ Height adjustable