Opti+ Move Desk

The Opti+ Move student desk places the student higher for a more ergonomic posture. The higher frame brings student and teacher at the same eye level. The beautiful design provides a sleek appearance for inspiring learning environments.

The Opti+ Move furniture comes as a set with the Opti+ Move chair and Opti+ Move desk.

✔ Improved eye contact
The higher line of sight of the OPTI+ Move gives a clearer overview over the other students’ desks, so that students can collaborate more efficiently. Students and teachers learn together. The higher seat of the OPTI+ Move gives them better eye contact, which creates a positive atmosphere and improved learning outcomes.

✔ Easily moved
The OPTI+ Move chair is easily moved and the desk is designed so that users can take a seat for a “quick” meeting or group work.

✔ Height: 76 cm, 90 cm & 102 cm

✔ Table top: 75 x 50 cm, rectangle or trapezium, always rounded edges

✔ Table top 

    • Durapan: The top has a synthetic resin coating on both sides and is additionally protected by a transparent anti-scratch layer.
    • Solid core: The top has a multilayer structure, consisting of a decorative paper top, impregnated with melamine resin, and a fibrous core layer, binded with heat-cured resins.

✔ Frame 

    • The steel legs are coated with a layer of an epoxy and/or polyester resin-based powder.

Not all combinations are possible:

Slide buffer felt, for hard floor

Slide buffer teflon, for soft floor

Book box

Tray (with guides)