The Pentagon table stimulates collaborative working. The students sit facing each other which facilitates mutual consultation. This table also lends itself very well to making a larger arrangement. Whether you want to work together in fours or twelves, it’s all possible.


✔ Stable
Small details can prevent a major annoyance: the legs are fitted with adjustable feet so that the table is always stable on any surface. 

✔ Easy to move
With the optional wheels on the short side, the table can be moved extremely easily, making the Pentagon table the ideal solution for any flexible learning environment. As standard the legs have an adjustable foot. No more wobbly tables!

✔ Table top

    • 130 x 66 cm

✔ Height 

    • 72 cm, 76 cm, 80 cm
    • 72 - 88 cm (height adjustable)

✔ Table top

    • Durapan: The top has a synthetic resin layer on both sides with extra protection from a transparent anti-scratch layer.
    • Plywood: The top consists of a 13-layer plywood core with a decorative plastic covering and a protective layer underneath.
    • Solid core: The sheets have a multilayer structure and consist of decor paper impregnated with melamine resin as the surface layer and a fibrous core layer bonded with heat-cured resins.

✔ Chassis
The steel legs are given a heat-treated powder coating based on epoxypolyester layers.

Two plastic drawers