SEED Cruzer

Featuring a dual right- or left-handed writing tablet chair and 360° rotation, SEED Cruzer makes collaborative room configuration a breeze!

✔ Vibrant colours
Five SEED color options allow a room to adopt a distinguished and formal vibe or a vibrant and lively mood.

✔ Recyclable
The fully recyclable shell is soft to touch, yet resistant to intense use.

✔ Good sitting position
A forward leaning position straightens the spine and pelvis, increasing muscle activity in the back and abdominal areas. Sloping corners relieve the build-up of pressure zones to improve circulation.

✔ Suitable for left and right handed individuals
The 180° rotating tablet arm can accommodate both left and right handed individuals.

✔ Ample workspace
The tablet provides ample workspace and features a wedge to prevent pencils and other supplies from rolling off.

✔ Cup holder
The cup holder mounted underneath the tray keeps drinks secure.

✔ Storage space under the seat
The bottom shelf is ideal for storing larger items such as books and backpacks to keep them out of harm’s way.

✔ Extended flexibility
Made for mobility, this chair uses dual wheel casters to extend its range of flexibility.

✔ Seat shell
48 cm (H)

✔ Tablet top
66 x 37 cm & 76 cm (H)

✔ Overal dimensions
11 cm (H) x 65 cm (W) x 65 cm (D)

✔ Seat is designed as a single-piece injection-molded shell of polypropylene with integrated attachment features including a structural front hook, rear snaps, and screw bosses.

The tablet is two pieces of molded ABS.

The tablet arm is a 14 Ga powder coated steel tube welded to a 12 Ga steel ring. An injection molded cap connects the arm to a cast aluminum support. 

The base is two pieces of injection molded reinforced nylon and has four 50 mm casters.