Safety, health and especially seating comfort play a major role in the design of this chairs. But the aesthetics  also help to create a good atmosphere in learning environments. 

✔ Scratch-resistant
Non-flaking, scratch-resistant lacquer supplied in a selected colour.

✔ Noiseless
Noiseless floor cap for any kind of floor covering.

✔ Ergonomic
Outstanding shape for ergonomically justified seating position.

✔ Stackable
Stable, stackable construction, easily moved for cleaning

✔ Anti-slip
The seat is provided with an anti-slip layer

✔ Seat height: 30 cm, 34 cm & 38 cm

✔ Total height: 52 cm, 58 cm & 64 cm

✔ Width: 33 cm

✔ Seat & back
Seats and backs are made from at least 7 layers of high-quality beech wood.

✔ Chassis
The steel legs are coated with a layer of an epoxy and/or polyester resin-based powder.

Universal trolley