Vice Versa

The Vice Versa is versatile and reciprocates the need for flexible learning environments that facilitate collaborative working. Time for a quick consultation or collaborative work effort in the class? Simply pull up a chair on the other side! 

  • The feet have cover caps made of wear-resistant plastic. Impervious to dirt or sand, the table looks good for longer.
  • A coloured cap indicates the standard height of the table.
  • The table has no corners which makes painful bumps a thing of the past
  • Height: 52 cm, 58 cm, 64 cm, 70 cm, 76 cm or 82 cm
  • Table top: 55 cm x 97,5 cm

Table top

  • Durapan: The top has a synthetic resin coating on both sides and is additionally protected by a transparent anti-scratch layer.
  • Plywood: The top consists of a core of 13 multiplex layers with a decorative plastic covering and a protective layer underneath. 
  • Solid core: The top has a multilayer structure, consisting of a decorative paper top, impregnated with melamine resin,  and a fibrous core layer, binded with heat-cured resins.  


  • The steel legs are given a heat-treated powder coating based on epoxypolyester layers.
  • Bag hook on the right (welded)
  • Bag hook on the right (detachable)
  • Low bookshelf (8.5 x 36 x 56.5 cm)
  • Bookshelf + drawer (drawer on right)
  • Bookshelf + drawer (drawer on left)
  • Drawer 2x (with rails)
  • Wide drawer
  • Pen holder (self-adhesive)